moot weekend

It’s been a pretty amazing weekend.

On Saturday I caught up with friends from Moot who were having a weekend away at the Youth Hostel just down the road, around a mile and a bit from me. (for those of you that don’t know I was on placement with Moot years ago for 3 weeks, which became 6 months which has developed into a good relationship spanning around 7 years). It was encouraging to be amongst a whole group of people who simply ‘get’ what I am trying to do. Our locations and context may be different but our aspirations are fairly similar.

I was able to have a longer chat with Ian and able to share more deeply how things were going. Ian is simply great as helping me to see the possibilities and options before me and I felt incredibly refreshed and much lighter in my spirit after talking for an hour or so.

In the afternoon we wandered down into Rochester and, of course, I had to introduce both my old and new Moot friends to Deaf Cat being the best coffee shop in Rochester! There we were able to chat and share some more.

On our way back to the youth hostel the group in my car wanted to have a look inside the cathedral. It was good to see some friends in the cathedral as well! There are two stunning art exhibition; Art for Evensong in the quire and the Poverty Over exhibition in the lady Chapel, both of which are worth a visit in themselves.

Having good quality time with my Moot friends was an excellent way to spend my Saturday … even if the Gills were playing at home in the FA Cup!