come on sky … if you are serious … act!

Discrimination in all forms needs to be challenged head on.

I was shocked to read of Gray and Keys (and now Burtons) comments on Sian Massey over the weekend and I am quite, if I am honest,  glad that the storm is continuing so that Gray and Burton cannot just squirm out of this with an apologetic phone call and a one match suspension.

Rom Atkinson was equally discriminatory a while back and had the dignity to realise he needed to go and resigned. He was probably going to be sacked. Why are the comments from Gray and Burton being treated differently? This is discrimination which has caused pain and outrage which surely needs to be dealt with decisively.

If this only results in a slap on the wrist and the loss of one or two television fees what sort of message does this send to our young people? What does it say to the rest of the world about how we value each other? How can we challenge prejudice and injustice in other parts of the world when we allow and tolerate blatant discrimination in our own sports and media?

Come on Sky … if you really are appalled by these comments act decisively!

games makers

I signed up today on the 2012 website to apply to be a games maker … in other words a volunteer. I have applied particularly to be a chaplain as I think this would best use the skills I seem to have developed over the alst few years, but to be honest I think I will be happy to volunteer to support the games in any way that is offered.

Still hope I’m accepted as a chaplain though!

They are going to need thousands of volunteers – so why not sign up to be a games maker too?

the ashes come home

the end to a pretty great weekend

thowing toys out of the pram?

I find this mini -report very interesting/

Is this big boy threat tactics, throwing toys out of the pram, or a sensible way to cause the F1 authorities to think about their policy for next year.

With a big team like Ferrai threatening to pull out will the FIA stick to their guns or will Ferrari win the day?

3-0 stunning display!

England back on track.
what a great few days for English football!


Next year says Stevie!!

Why did it take so long to play Monty?

The Olympic Dream

Today a few people got together to talk about the opportunity of the Olympics. We started to dream some dreams after hearing about how the Olympics will work in the UK.

This was quite an exciting day and, although nothing was agreed apart from meeting again with those that could not make today after having time to think about the dreams that really energised us, I came away quite excited by the possibilities this will give for collaboration.

If you look carefully I think Pete manages to get into the picture twice!