Look, I’m wearing all the colours

b684aae33877fbc4971c1c3a35627612_originalI have two friends that I love very much; Zara and Rikard are both beautiful people, creative loving people, who have an amazing insight and outlook upon life, despite life being an agonising struggle that brings friends around them, myself included, to tears.

Look, I’m wearing all the colours is a beautiful and painful photo story of love where both Rikard and Zara life with chronic illness and pain and depression. Please watch the video, and PLEASE contribute so that this book can become a reality. I saw the proof copy at the SICK exhibition last year. It really is stunning… and to quote Rikard:

This project has been 13 years in the making and your support will help realise my dream of publishing this book. I believe that storytelling can help drive social change and by showing the often unseen aspects of life with invisible illness, I hope to raise awareness and eliminate stigma.

I’m not asking you, mt readers and friends, to support this because I love Zara and Rikard … but because this story really needs to be told … it really really does! The story may bring tears … but that’s because it is real … and needs telling!

So get yourself over to the kickstart page and support this … PLEASE!

one of my pics in the Seattle Guide!

I took what I think are some really photos while I was in Seattle so when the Seattle Neighbourhood Guide contacted me to ask permission to use a photo I wondered which one. I was quite surprised when it was this one, the side of the Fremont Abbey … great building but not a particularly great shot – but I guess it was what they were looking for! If you want to find it in the online guide itself you need to go through the Fremont photos.

measuring life

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

A commitment I have made for Lent is to notice more (blog less!) as I travel in the familiar. One of the things I have been doing to help me with this is have my camera with me as often as I camera with me as often as I can. Sometimes the wonder of God’s creation does take my breath away.


Inspired by Jeremy
Photo by Anna

Saturday stuff

Dropped the boys off at footie training this morning and welcomed Sarah back from the night hike before she finished decorating the kitchen. It is now totally transformed.

While she did this I put the finishing touches on the service I am leading tomorrow morning at St Marks. Leading is not my favourite activity (it is much easier to speak or start a discussion) but the ideas seem to come quicker now.

This afternoon I saw Charlotte’s Web with the boys at the Odeon in Chatham. An ok film which sticks close to the book from what I can remember, although the American change from Somerset to Somerset County grated with me a little.

I have just updated the Flikr photos – they are from Christmas so I guess I have been a bit behind!