vision …

October I finally got around to starting the Pioneer MA with CMS. For some reason I have not said anything about it here …. but early signs are that it is going to be an amazing course. Certainly the lectures are stimulating and my new pioneer MA friends are a great and creative bunch of people. I’ve been wanting to do the for a while, and now seems to be the right time.

For our first model we are looking at leadership. I’ve learned masses about different leadership models … and my head is sinning a bit as I get to grips with the idea of writing an essay. Yes … with the idea of writing one .. not actually writing one just yet!

I’ve resonated and been challenged by a lot of what we have covered so far …. but I really REALLY love this quote from Cameron Harder’s ‘Discovering the Other‘:

assetsIt’s not the leader’s job to cast a vision or imagine a future for the congregation or community. Ideas emerge as people listen to each other and talk to each other. The leaders task is to facilitate, coalesce and connect ideas, to catalyse and stimulate the development of vision.

I guess I love that because that is what I try to do. That is kind of my preferred style of leadership. Obviously you can’t get through life leading like that because some things need short sharp decisions, like crossing the road at a safe time.

But back to this quote I love ……  discuss …. should / does vision come from one person called ‘the leader’ or does it come a process where it is stimulated in discussion and interaction … or is it a bit both/and ….. or something completely different?