King Philip IV prank

Improv Everywhere have been up to their amazing missions  – this one in an art gallery.
The question, or is that confusion, of the older gentleman is quite amusing.
I am still thinking we should try something like this here – any ideas?

ice mission

Improv everywhere have been on mission again … this time at an ice rink in New York.

These missions always make me smile, and often make me laugh. Such a creative bunch of people who enjoy life and don’t take themselves too seriously!

There is something with Improv and bringing joy nd laughter to others that I really like.

how to survive a Christian bookstore!

These made me laugh … so funny and sadly so so true
great offerings from TSK – thanks!

how to survive part 1 – embrace the fear!

how to survive part 2 – finding your happy place!

go read …

who you gonna call?

I think I’ve blogged about these guys before – they are very funny and creative with no aim other than to give people a good time and raise a laugh and a smile.
I see something of the joy of the Kingdom of God in their crazy and funny antics.
Watch the video and then go to their website to see other ‘missions’ that they have done.

Free Indeed??!!

Following some discussions I have both had here and am involved in currently this cartoon from Naked Pastor caused a wry smile of acknowledgment.

The worship leader song

This really made me laugh and a big thanks to Ian for posting it over on YouthBlog

Bus slogans

Maggie points to this bus sign generator, which is quite fun.

church battle!

Mark points to this which made me laugh – obviously fake but funny non the less!

Sacraments funny video

My friend Gordon has pointed to a great video illustrating the sacraments here.
It made me laugh and I’m sure I could have used this to add to my recent assignments on baptism and Eucharist.

ssshhhh on the train

There was one of those moments on the train home this evening. The type where you hear the wind blow and the tumble weed blowing down the aisles. After the tumble weed there was stifled laughter.

I have often found it amazing what people talk about on their mobiles in full carriages. I have heard boyfriends dumped, people screaming, legal action threatened and so on.

Today them man sitting next to me was talking and said quite loudly ‘I can’t really talk about this on the phone!’ Before anyone could take a breath he then shouted ‘I am a serious Shakesperian actor, I don’t care what they’re offering, I will not do a nude scene!’

Some things really should not be spoken about on the train, but good to see there are values out there still in the world of art!

But I am intrigued! What is it about mobile phones which helps people to ‘forget’ where they are and have quite intimate conversations in crowded train carriages which they probably ould not have if the person was sat opposite them?