end of term awesomeness

broken-bread-roll-17090065So my Easter chaplaincy duties came to a great conclusion today.

At all of the services I did the classic silk ribbon trick to tell the Easter story. I tied two blue hankies together that represented the disciples feeling ‘blue’ and tying themselves up in knots after the death of Jesus. I then made a red hanky disappear, symbolising Jesus dying, only for the red hanky to appear tied between the two blue ones.

It’s become a bit of a ‘thing’ in my schools to use ‘magic’ tricks … the children love it, Niza-Truco-de-Magia-Props-Magia-Herramientas-Juguetes-Pr-ctica-Cambiar-Color-de-la-Bufanda-desome of the staff do as well …. and at the end of the school day I see that learning has occurred. Children always say they liked the trick as they go home and when I ask what the story is about, what the trick was illustrating, they can immediately tell me.

This morning in our secondary school I combined the trick with our easter Eucharist. Secondary students are a little too cool to appreciate the same way as KS2 but they got the illustration. This morning was, again, awesome.

Previously in this school I have taught about Eucharist. The students have a choice of whether to come forward or not, and when they get to the front we have a code whereby they show whoever (myself or member of staff) is giving bread whether they wish to receive the bread, a simple inclusive blessing (May you have love, joy and peace in your life) or nothing at all. This morning was awesome because the overwhelming majority of our 360 students wished to share in Eucharist.

I find that pretty amazing, pretty awe inspiring, and an incredibly humbling experience to be able to be a part of. Seeing 300 or so teenagers lining up to receive the Body of Christ is incredibly special!

After Eucharist I got to spend some time with a Y3 class talking about Holy Week. I shared one stuff and, was again, bowled over at the knowledge of some of our children. I got asked some pretty tough questions and promised to find out why Easter is called easter … answers on a postcard please!

So a pretty awe inspiring EOT ….. and a great term too ….  thanks Koinonia Federation people for being just who you are!

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