nothing is different but everything changes

sunrise 2018 jpgWe have developed a kind of tradition at Holy Trinity Greenwich Peninsula for Easter morning. For the last three years a few of us (sometimes 5, sometimes 20) have gathered just before sunrise around a BBQ on the shore of the Thames on the peninsula.

As we have experienced the sunrise, showing itself through the blurry faces coming into focus, through the welcoming warmth of the sun on our faces, through unfamiliar surroundings becoming familiar again … we have tried to enter into the confusion and awe that made up that first Easter morning.

We chat together after hearing Mary’s account of the empty tomb … we wonder how they felt, we wonder what they thought might be happening … and as we wonder we re-remember how amazing the truth of Easter Day actually is.

We share communion, Eucharist, bread and wine (take your pick!) and again wonder IMG_1645what it may have been like for those disciples sharing this simple ceremony together. As we share, we talk and recognise that in these ordinary everyday items of bread and wine that we hold before us that something different is happening. Nothing is obviously different, but everything has changed.

We end the service with BBQ and bubbly … it’s a celebration after all … and we go home … changed … as we have encountered God once again in the simplicity of life.

So if you are in the area and wish to celebrate the risen Christ in a unique way …. why not consider joining us.

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