The Radical Eye

I have been to see The Radical Eyemanray-glasstears twice in the last few weeks.

If you have not managed to get to this exhibition then I’d encourage you to get there if you can.

The photos are stunning and although I have many favourites, ‘Glass Tears’ taken by Man Ray in 1932 is simply captivating. Yesterday, my second visit was mainly so I could go and gaze at this photograph again. I just love everything about this image …. the blurred reality/fantasy divide, the look of wonder, the siren-ness ….

The exhibition is a beautifully stunning collection of photographs that belong to Elton John who has generously loaned them to the Tate. He says:

‘Each of these photographs serves as an inspiration for me in my life; they line the walls of my home and I consider them precious gems. I want people to think, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before, never knew this kind of thing existed’ – just as I did when I first saw these photographs.’

The walls of his home must feel painfully and unbearably naked. If I had such a collection I am unsure whether I would loan them out for so long – not because I did not wish others to see them … but because I would not wish to suffer the sacrifice of naked walls!

But … it seems Elton John has a good healthy attitude to ‘possessions’. he actually wants people to see them, to be aware of them, to be inspired and struck by them.

spencertracyAs well as the gorgeous Man Ray photos I fell in love with some Irving Penn portraits taken where he had placed his ‘model’ in a corner made out of old set scenery. The one of  Dali made me smile but I found myself connecting with this one of Spencer Tracey in an unexpected way. the image is clean and relaxed and just exudes peace.

Anyway … I’ve talked shit for far too long … go see …. go see now!



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