The privilege of being asked

andy-islaYesterday I got to be involved in something really special and is one of those highlights of ministry that is not repeated too often. Yesterday I got to officiate at the wedding of Isla and Andy … Isla being the daughter of one of my best friends Jeremy, who I was ordained with and has been, along with his beautiful wife, Ruth, pretty central and to my life and encouraging since we met.

Weddings can be fun and yesterdays was!
The laughter, right from walking down the aisle, was pretty central to the whole ceremony and day … and I’ve never been to a wedding where the newly married couple walks out of church to ‘Madnesses ‘It must be love’. Genius!

The love between Andy and Isla is real and tangible … and I love how it’s welcoming and inclusive and attracts their friends, rather than embarrasses which many luvvy couples can inadvertently do without meaning to.

Yesterday I got to see this great couple make promises to each other, I got to see the look of love on their parents faces and I got to meet some amazing family members …. who know how to party and celebrate well … thank you for calling me ‘a member of the family’ … that means so so much! I look forward to meets in Ramsgate and Sunderland!

Thanks Andy and Isla for asking me … it’s been a massive massive privilege to serve you in this way and you’ll regularly be in my prayers.

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