6a00d83451df1169e201b8d23ae77e970c-640wiYou may have noticed that I am trying to get back into my discipline of blogging reflectively about the ‘stuff’ I am involved in.

Blogging used to be a strong challenge and resource to me … I welcomed the interventions and comments of others, and loved the way new resources and opportunities were shared.

As well as writing blogs I have been reading blogs again … and I have missed the mixture of critique, dream and resource that came from my reading as well as writing. So … I’ve started reading again and not been disappointed by peoples writings.

Today (it’s Saturday after all) … not so much reflection as sharing a great looking publication from Proost via my good friend Jonny’s blog.

Discordant sounds really exciting …. I’ll look forward to more …

2 thoughts on “Discordant

  1. good to see you back here… have also dipped in and out of blogging this last year- from posting every day a few years ago its now 1-2 times a week… if that!
    Every blessing

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