varietyOne of the beauties of this role is the mixed nature of what I do. I think if i has been born later I may have been diagnosed as hyper active in some way, or maybe even ADHD …. and I need a variety of things to be going to keep me engaged.

I am team vicar of the East Greenwich team with a particular remit to develop something on the peninsula for 4 days a week, and then I am school chaplain to the Koinonia Federation of schools for 2 days per week.

This means I get to hang out and chat with some pretty amazing pupils, students and members of staff. The federation is an excellent federation led by an incredibly committed and talented senior leadership team. The leaders are back up by an amazing team of hard working and talented people. These wonderful people trust me to work with them and try to support where I can.

These next few days will be fun as a school chaplain.
Tonight I have been at a carol service at one of the schools, and earlier today at our secondary school I sat in on one of the rehearsals of a Christmas Carol. Earlier in the week I sat in on other rehearsals of plays and carol singing. Next week I will be using ‘magic’ to illustrate the wonder of the incarnate Christ in the separate school church carol services.

I am always bowled over with the sense of the sheer privilege I feel to be chaplain at these schools. I find it mind blowing that people trust me with ‘stuff’ and see it as a bit of a mini miracle that God seems to break in and support people when they have got to the place where they can share.

Saying that, it’s been a long term and everyone is tired …. but everyone is still going … and I love them for that!

So …. on to the variety of life …. again …



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