Happiness course

happy-course-logo-100hI recently joined a training day with Livability and have now been trained and am licensed as a Happiness Course leader.

When I went to the day I am happy (yeah yeah great pun!) to admit that I was a little sceptical about the title … it raised a few eyebrows in some of my circles … but the material is really excellent and I am looking forward to delivering our first Happiness Course here on the peninsula. I am fairly convinced The Happiness Course could be of real benefit to local communities and to churches seeking to engage with and support community.

I am excited about this course as I believe this is a course that could be really helpful to a broad spectrum of people. This is not a faith based course, but it is a course that churches can become licensed and offer for the benefit of their communities. The course looks at what happiness is and what makes us happy, it asks whether happiness levels can change or whether it is genetic … it is a very interactive course, with a mixture of teaching, video, interaction, problem solving etc. The course consists of four 2 hour sessions.

On the Peninsula I am not only asking when we could run this course … but also where. One of my frustrations with being here is the lack of public or community space to do things. I do have a few ideas though and so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

If you are on or near the Peninsula and think you would be interested in the Happiness Course (check out thee weblink) then get in touch ….

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