mind body spirit at Olympia

IMG_0009Over the last few days I have been part of the Dekhomai team once again at this years MBS festival held at Kensington Olympia. Here I have been involved in Ruach Cards, the Jesus Deck, praying for the healing of people and generally being a listening ear.

It was great to be part of such a great team of like minded and creative, caring people once again and a real privilege to spend time with the people visiting the mbs fair. I have, once again, as I am every year, overwhelmed by the things that people are carrying and desperately want to share. Over these last few days I have been moved to tears by stuff that people have openly and courageously shared with me. I could share here anonymously, but that in some way feels like I would be betraying their trust.

This years event was again a great mix of spiritualities, mindfulness and lifestyle practices.

Some observations I noticed from this year:
There seemed to be more men around who were genuinely searching. In the past there have been men who were ‘tagging along’ with partners. That seemed less this year.
People seem to be searching more for meaning and have a deep seated need to be listened to. The issues people were sharing were incredibly deep painful stuff … in the past we have had this but this year I noticed a massive increase.

I want to post here a thank you … to the team who welcomed each other in once again … and for the people who invited me into their lives for a little while … for both I will continue to pray.

Thank you.


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