so … watcha been doin?

rainbow over greenwichSo I am living on the Greenwich Peninsula. I took the rainbow pic a couple of days after moving in … when looking for gold but someone beat me to it!)

Lots has been written about the development here. It looks a great place to live but for some it seems to come at some cost either financially or socially as outlined in the Guardian article.

Holy Trinity Church has been meeting on the Peninsula for a few years. The small community are passionate about engaging with our community and my role will be to get us all to think about how we might do that. I have a three year contract so time is short … although the task is massive!

For the last few weeks I have immersed myself in the three schools and endless amounts of church meetings. I have needed to quite quickly get a handle on how the team works and the best way to do this has been to be at everything and meet as many of the people connected with the East Greenwich team as possible.

The downside of this is that, after 3 weeks, I find myself low on inspiration and high on frustration as I have not had a chance to be in public spaces where I can meet the people of this community or spend proper quality time with the Holy Trinity community.  Next week I hope that will start to change as I carve out time to be present in public spaces and hear the visions and dreams of those I work with in HT. It’s only as I meet people that I can start to hear how we can engage and support meaningfully and relevantly.

The job is big! All jobs are big! As well as meeting people I need to work on the website, meet councillors, engage with the residents association (I’ve already been to 2 meetings!) and generally meet loads of people that know this area far more than me … which, actually, is not that difficult at the moment. Alongside this, if you have been a reader or know me for a while, you will now that I believe God works through us being present in everyday stuff, I will be seeking to be available in parts of the community where people hang out … at the moment I have identified a few places and I’ll have to see what happens.

In one sense I feel I am starting all over again for the third time … and in a way that is true … but I am starting again with the learning from the two other starts which I hope is going to feed me during this early stage. I feel energised and motivated … which is good for the start of a new role!

So … friends … please keep praying … and chatting … and being your wonderful selves!

2 thoughts on “so … watcha been doin?

  1. Hi!!! It’s great having you back. I love your rainbow pic, exactly what I needed to see today – something lovely and uplifting. I look forward to the blogging and unfolding of this new adventure as it goes on. All the best! 🙂

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