the selfish giant

Conner Chapman in The Selfish GiantTonight I returned to the Picture Palace to see The Selfish Giant. This has been at the top of my ‘want to see’ for a little while. I was going to go to Southbank to watch it, or download ot from BFI, but was persuaded to wait for the Rochester Picture palace screening. (There will be no spoilers)

It was worth the wait.

I particularly wanted to see the film as I knew a little of the make up that intrigued me … the lead roles of Arbor and Swifty played by two lads from a tough Bradford estate. The gritty reality they bring is awe inspiring. The passion of the film is simply breathtaking with a mix of dry humour, fathomless unashamed affection and scandalous tragedy.

Despite it’s incredible acting and beautiful cinematography (I loved the breathtaking mist shrouded shots of imposing pylon landscapes) this is no easy watch. Be prepared to be shocked and quite ripped apart as, essentially, this is a film that is pretty Godless with no offer of hope or dreams of a better future.

But this film is still worth watching … just do so with a stiff drink at hand or a box of tissues or both!

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