christ centred community

imgresYesterday was one of those quiet but packed days that I often get as a pioneer. Quiet meaning that I never really talked significantly with anyone, and packed in that I was out most of the day, in the community, and engaging briefly with a variety of people in a variety of ways.

Following from yesterdays post I was painfully aware that i came across a lot of people who have not taken on board, maybe not even ever heard, that they were created, loved and fully accepted by their God. Today I came across raw unacceptance expressing itself in a steely commitment to a belief of inadequacy.

Everywhere I looked i seemed to see people that, in my opinion, seemed to be feeling that they are simply not good enough, not worthy of respect, worthless and useless. That thought makes me sad for this area, for people I am getting to know and for people I am looking to engage with.

Occasionally, and today being one of those occasions, I am asked to verbalise what it is that I am actually trying to achieve …. and the simple answer that comes is that ‘I am trying to build a Christ centred community’. We could ask and argue ‘what does that mean’, ‘isn’t that just a trendy name for church?’ or even ‘more meaningless Christian jargon’

Well maybe … but todays conversations and thinkings have made me think more seriously about booking a place on the Oasis conference titled: ‘Change makers: Building Holistic, Christ Centred Communities‘ …. the sessions do look pretty amazing…. and it won’t do any harm, and will probably result in a lot of cross fertilisation of ideas … so maybe i’ll see you there!

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