teams and jelly babies

IMG_1093Today has been a very varied day.
I started in a primary school where I work 4 hours a week as chaplain. I had some interesting conversations there with pupils and staff.
Next I went to vicar club …. aka Chapter. We chatted about a few things and shared information. I

The lowlight of the day was trying to get Terry the greyhound to go on a walk.Last night he walked fine. This morning he was reluctant but walked. This afternoon and this evening he refused totally. The poor dog has been traumatised by recent events and I guess it is going to be a long slow road to mental recovery!

On a better note, the highlight of the day was teaching on the MSM course. This evenings session was on team roles and behaviour. It’s always fascinating to see how people view teams and how people operate in teams. It’s funny to think that tonight I will actually be paid for getting people to build as tall a tower as possible using nothing but spaghetti and jelly babies. The two teams did quite well, although I don’t think i’ll be asking any of them to do any work on my house! Setting up a church or new initiative … well I think some of them would be quite cool at that!

I think with teams it is important to remember that each person brings a set of unique gifts and insights. As each person joins the team should change to incorporate and be moulded by those new gifts and insights. Teams, to be teams, need to grow people and relationships and not just be task orientated. I think if they concentrate ontasks only then what we have os not a team, but a working group. But … I guess this is a topic for a different discussion!

So …. The course is really good … so if there is one near you and you are thinking of enrolling …. go for it!

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