first gathering of 2014

bagapwicqaa-dzeThe gathering got together yesterday afternoon and we did the closest I guess we have to a tradition. For the last few years our first time together in the year has involved us looking at the journey (outlined here), taking an Examen of the year and sharing bread and wine together.

Yesterday was a pretty amazing time. After people had decided where they were on the journey people started to share with each other. After a little while I looked around and was really moved to see people in pairs or threes, very relaxed with each other, sharing where they thought they were on their faith journey and why they were there.

I was excited because I believe this is an image that shoes how much we trust and love each other as a group. It seems we have come a really long way in how we care for each other as a community. We still have a long journey ahead of us with the Rhythm of life and things … but it is starting to look like we are quite a strong community that. most importantly, actually likes being together!

Thank you again people ….. I think this is a good journey to be on.

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