Here’s to happy endings

Excellent cool,words from my good friend Andrea


If there’s one time of year I dislike more than Christmas, it’s new year! I find it ludicrous that a change in the date can make everyone believe tomorrow will be different. The weather will still be cold and grey. We’re all still broke and fat after the excesses of the festive season and pay day is just as far away!

I should look back and be grateful for all the good things that happened over the last year. But my mind just goes blank and what springs to mind are the disappointments and struggles. The challenges yet to be overcome, the wholeness that continues to allude me.

I hear my mother’s voice in my head that I have nothing to be miserable about. I am mightily blessed and she is right! My heart goes out to all those who are facing 2014 without a precious loved one, the hope…

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