thoughts and words …

archOne of the joys of the web is the mass of stuff out there to draw on from reflections to sermons to thoughts for the day. Over the last year I have really come to appreciate and be challenged by Nadia’s words as I have by the speakers of Mars Hill in Michigan (definitely not the Seattle one!) while the podcasts from Moot have always helped me to stay earthed when I can’t get there to join with my Moot friends myself (which sadly seems to be increasingly more common).

I particularly like to pause at some point in the day with the reflections from Richard Rohr which Sister Diane, my spiritual director, suggested I might find useful. She was right! Rohr has a great way with words and biblical truth that have, on occasions, helped to think deeply into some verse or thought. I am particularly looking forward to the next few months as outline by Richard Rohr here, which sound like they will be a bit of a mix of Father Richard’s wisdom entwined with some practical spiritual practice. This looks good and you can sign up to have an email sent to you each day here.

So … 2014 …. here we go …

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