a brief review

the right placeSo we are at the last day of the year. In many ways it has flown by, in other ways it seems to have taken an age to get through.

There have been highlights of amazing weddings in Seattle and Gillingham Pier, of great progress with our Rhythm of Life in the gathering, joy and relaxation in Antigua and of making new friends and finally, after years of prayer, finding the Barnabas type friends in the shape of a great family who encourage me masses, and whom I am able to encourage too, which is really amazing.

There have been the lows of the frustrations of things take so long to develop, the feelings of failure I hit when I left the prison as it simply was not for me, the sadness of being misunderstood and seen as a threat by others in the area, the hindrance of not having the resources to help people in real need as well as the dissatisfaction with the ‘I don’t have a real job / single income stream thing’.

It’s impossible to sum up a whole year in a length of words that people would be willing to read but, in the main, I look back on a year of amazing positives and blessings and encouragements.

As I was Examen reflecting this evening I realised two words have cropped up over and over again in the last 6 or 7 months. The words ‘grace‘ and ‘vulnerability‘. They have cropped up in such a way that I think, on reflection, I need to dig into them more early on in the new year.

For now …. you, my friends, may I wish you a Happy New Year …. and may your New Years Eve celebrations by joyous and merry!

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