keeping in touch

wheresrob2Each year I re-new my support an mailing lists and this year I have decided to use Mail Chimp to look after my weekly prayer email and my termly newsletter. Recently a couple of people (actually only 2) have asked how they can keep in touch with what I am up to.

I produce two things … one fairly intense with a  big commitment, and one much less so.

First the intense option. (you may already wish to skip to the next paragraph!) At the moment I have around 30 amazing people who receive my weekly prayer email. Essentially this is copy of my diary and a few bits of stuff that people use to pray for me throughout the week. These people really are walking this road with me and pray for me on an incredibly regular basis – I am humbled and know very well that without them I would be floundering even more than I think I normally am. If you’d like to join this group in praying each day (it’s intense I know) then please sign up by clicking here.

I also produce something much less intense 2 or 3 times a year called ‘Tales of a Pioneer’ which is more of a newsletter type thing with stories, pictures and some general prayer ideas for a general week. A wider group of people receive this every 4/5 months. If you’d like to be kept informed of what’s happening through Tales of a Pioneer please sign up by clicking here.

Feel free to subscribe to one both or neither …. but thanks for reading!

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