words … just words …

foot-in-mouth-awardIt’s been a pretty intense week. There have been a lot of conversations and a fair few frustrations. I don’t mind frustrating people (mainly Christian) who don’t seem to get what I am about or what I am trying to achieve but … they are so …. well … flipping frustrating! It seriously got to the stage this week that if I heard one more well meaning Christian cliche shared in response to quite a serious need or issue that I was worried that my normal pacifist self might just erupt in a volcanic scream spewing hot boiling lava over the person Ally McBeal style. If you don’t get that, then you have missed out on one of the funniest TV shows ever!

It turns out that I have not imitated a Vesuvius eruption this week. By God’s grace, or some miracle, I have kept calm and sometimes I have even smiled, even though it may have been through clenched teeth, but I have smiled nevertheless!

I have, however, screamed inwardly this week. Maybe this is my issue and maybe I do need to repent and I certainly know that I need to be more patient. But …. please …. why can’t some Christians think before they open their mouths!!! Just a little … please! Why can’t some people just pause, reflect and think about how they sound before they open their mouths to fix situations or offer advice that was not even asked for!

I need to contextualise this. I have heard some horrendous things this week in my normal everyday comings and goings. Things I have heard this week. Genuine things. Not made up. Said to me or overheard as I am just plain nosey:

Jesus took your 3 month old baby because he wanted another angel in heaven’.
“At least she is now playing with Jesus”
‘Have you ever thought the cancer has come back because God wants to teach you a lesson!’
‘You really need to change your attitude before God will love you’.(Christian parent to teenage child!)
“No REAL Christian would go in there … there’s no hope for them, they are all going to hell … and if you hang out with them ….” (yep … that one was said to me! Actually that one made me smile because the heaven this man talks of is certainly not the place in which I wish to spend eternity!)

The title of this post was going to be ‘watch what you say’, or something similar. But that’s a bit of an oxymoron because … I don’t think …. in this post that I am applying that title to myself. I will probably have negative comeback from this post …. What I have written will no doubt seriously pee off some people. I don’t like to upset people but if I do on this occasion that’s regrettable but tough!

I also know I have friends of no faith who visit here occasionally. Those friends are precious to me, and I want to take this opportunity to share that not all Christians think or say or offer such unhelpful and insensitive stuff. Some believe God is just there with you in the pain, crying next to you and wishing things were different.

At the end of the day this stuff is all just words … but the old sticks and stones rhyme doesn’t really hold up. Sticks and stones do break bones, but I think misplaced words can break hearts.

Maybe I have seen just too many broken hearts these past few weeks that have been further shattered by empty sayings.

So …. words … can we be thoughtful? …. and the certificate at the top of the post … thats for me for writing this post in the first place!


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