“where have you been?”

IMG_0774A question we received from a number of people today after not holding the stall at the boot fair last week was ‘where have you been?’ or ‘Were you here last week as I couldn’t find you?’. It seems we were missed and today lots of people returned to take Psalm readings away with them for the week.

I don’t know how many people we spoke to and prayed with today, but it was a lot! In particular two people who were friends who wanted Jesus Deck readings stick in my mind. For each of them the ‘reading’ or ‘interpretation’ of the card they had chosen really seemed to resonate with them in a very powerful way to the extent that the second person said ‘are you sure you don’t kno us?’ The cards they chose and word they received from God fitted perfectly with the ‘stuff’ that was sharpening in their lives at that every moment. They went away amazed at the thought that God could be speaking to them.

I saw other members of the team today talking and engaging and praying with lots of people around the dekhomai tent and we remarked that the 6 hours simply flew by today.

Today though we did continue the conversation for the future after the end of this trial. What about communion? What name should we use as we think ‘dekhomai’ does not really working a Gillingham boot fair setting. What about our practice? Do we keep hand massage and healing prayer as this is requested very rarely? Do you bring in more experiential question type stuff? If we do the whole 3/4 months next summer, should we then do something in the non boot fair months? This is a journey with a lot of questions!

But for now … back to today! Today was encouraging on many levels. It’s amazing to see how the team have grown in confidence. It’s mind blowing to reflect on how people trust us with the ‘stuff’ that’s going on in their lives. It’s flipping awesome to see that still God uses a field and a few shattered people!

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