taking a risk to bring hope

msm-logoOne of my roles on the MACE team for Rochester Diocese is to teach on the MSM course. We have recently completed the last course and publicity is now available for the next course that starts in late September. I’ve linked below to the official video from the MSM site …. take 7 minutes to listen before reading on ….



I know you will think I am slightly biased, but this course really is what is says it is …. a one year part time learning journey in a supportive community’ that will ‘equip you for a lifetime of good practice and learning in planting and sustaining fresh expressions of church’ …. there may be other courses out there …. but this is a great course and is well worth considering.

Whether you are exploring how to start off, or are an experienced pioneer; whether you are wanting to learn qualities of ministry, or a person who really wants your church to be more effective in mission ….. then why not consider enrolling on MSM. There are 6 or more different teachers on the course, all coming with loads of different experience of mission in varying local contexts.

Individuals are welcome … but i think it is definitely of more benefit if 2 or 3 people from a church or fresh expression come together and discuss the issues together both on the course and in their local context.

Intrigued ….. then look at the course flyer here ….. and if you would like an informal/non committal chat please get in touch … oh and did I say this is a great course?

I hope to hear from some of you ….

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