just a field and a few shattered people

shatteredI have been wondering what I love so much about the boot fair and the ministry that we are developing there week by week. Is it the way we engage with people? Is it the excitement and anticipation of who we will talk with and what God will do? Is it something about the way I can see the team developing and growing in confidence as they allow God to work through them? Is it because we actually have to depend on God and ask God to intervene as it is difficult to plan for who will come and what they will come with?

Well I think it is possibly part of all of those and maybe more. But a friend summed it up in a short inspired sentence: ‘I like the fact that God is there with absolutely no religion to ‘help him out’..if you get me – just a field, and a few shattered people.

That says it all. The team are shattered after 6 hours of being ‘on duty’, but i think some of us arrive shattered after waking up at 5am! But …. the real exciting thing here is that God is simply there and waiting to meet with people. Ok we are using ‘tools’ to help us, but there is no dressing up or a drawing message. The one thing that unites all of the people we have engaged with is that God has been drawing them, speaking to them, connecting with them is some way that they have not really recognised or been aware of until they have stumbled upon us in an open field.

Yesterday we were busy …. we engaged with 4 people before 645am which felt manic as I think the week before it took nearly 2 hours before we spoke to anyone. I lost count yesterday of how many people we prayed with or listened to or answered questions from.

One particular story from yesterday was a man in his mid 20’s who chose a Psalm Reading (explained in last weeks report). He said he was looking for guidance and randomly chose Psalm 27:1:
The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?
With a smile on his face mixed with a little confusion he remarked ‘this is for me; this is what I have been looking for!’
One of the team then prayed with that young man. 

Stories like that amaze me.
How can God use a scrappy bit of a card in the middle of a hot field with some shattered but willing people?
I don’t know … and I know that I feel inadequate at the start of each Sunday morning, but God seems to take that inadequacy in all of the team and transform it into something that he can use.

So …. just a field and a few shattered people …. why not come see what we do at the boot fair in two weeks … we are net there on Sunday 28th July from 6am until 12 noon.

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