spirituality for mission

spiritI’ve just got home and I’m pretty buzzing so rathe than sleep, I thought I’d blog! Tonight I returned to Aylesford to lead a session of the MSM course as part of my one day a week MACE role with the diocese.

My session was ‘spirituality for mission’ where we looked at the 10 marks of mission spirituality, or of apostolic people. The main aim of the session was to share with each other stuff we have found useful and real life illustrations (testimony) of what sustains us spiritually in ministry.

We discoverd together that apostolic people are people who are learning that they:
are called and sent;
are greatly loved;
see and listen;
travel light;
are people of prayer and the Holy Spirit;
go two by two (and know the value of companionship and community);
bear a message;
are wounded healers (who know how they have been made whole in their brokenness, and have been and are being saved from their sinfulness);
live rhythmically;
are adventurers.

The session seemed to go well, but I am buzzing because of the amazing testimonies that were shared this evening. People made themselves incredibly vulnerable by sharing some pretty deep stuff. More than that …. a number of these people are doing incredibly amazing things like moving to different parts of the country, giving up well paid jobs to be involved in mission, and working in some pretty challenging and exciting circumstances.

I was blown away tonight by all of the testimonies. It was a real privilege to be part of this session tonight … so, to those that stumble here, thank you for all you shared. I’m a little sad not to be with you tomorrow (we have a gathering away day which I am VERY excited about as we meet with Ian Mobsby to look at rhythms of life and ‘stuff’). I will rejoin the group on sunday and look forward to seeing what God has been doing.

Now I’d simply like the ‘buzz’ to deflate a little to enable me to sleep!

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