a blessing …

urlI guess I find myself pretty frustrated that the church sometimes not only moves slowly, but seems to move insensitively. In this case I refer to the blessing of gay marriages, which to me seems to be a no-brainer! Surely, we can bless people in loving caring relationships, no matter what our view may be. After all, we bless gates, cushions and (when I was at the¬†cathedral) lumps of stone …. I even bless rosaries in the prison when asked …. so why not people in love?

Bishop Alan blogs well on most things and his comments speak well:

‘If the Church wants to provide compassion, it can stop talking about gay people and start talking with them. It can demonstrate the genuinness of its care by ceasing to belittle and patronise them and start taking them seriously. If it wants to pray with them, this institution which cheerfully blesses nuclear submarines, hamsters and buckets of cement can start blessing their often stunning relationships.’

you can read the whole article here.

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