the fight for freedom

Django_Unchained_PosterimgresTwo days, two films. Django Unchained at Chatham Odeon and Lincoln at the BFI IMAX.
Two very different films. One classic Tarantino, the other superb Spielberg.
Two great films essentially exploring the same subject.

Freedom and equality.

Tarantino’s tongue in cheek, and excellently directed, film gave a full on violent account of how to gain justice and freedom. This involved making people ‘pay’ for their crimes so that they could not continue hurting others. Spielberg, on the other hand, outlines the wheeling and dealing within the ‘respectability’ of politics; the half truths told, the scheming and the jobs ‘offered’ to ‘buy’ votes. Both films explored these issues through the backdrop of slavery.

The interesting thing that strikes me from both films is that both methods are immoral. But … both methods work to ensure the freedom of the innocent. ¬†Both films seem to be validating an ‘ends justifies the means’ philosophy. I am not sure how I sit with that … and while most of us would not condone or encourage the Django justice system, we support day after day the Lincoln model …. ‘it’s called democracy’ says the main character somewhere in the film.

Is there any difference?
Does my faith require and demand a different way?
If freedom is at stake do the ends justify the means?
I would argue not …

But back to the films … both are great and both are must see films in my opinion, although I will only be buying one on DVD to add to my ‘favourite director’ collection!

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