like riding a bike! (phew)

Fresh ExpressionsIt’s been a long two days, and is some ways very tiring and draining, although I sit at my desk quite energised because of tonight. In my two previous roles before ordination I led, planned and delivered a lot of training events. Tonight I co-led the MSM course in my new day a week role of Assistant Missioner in the diocese’s Mission and Community Engagement Team (MACE).

This week I have been fairly nervous as the time has approached simply because it has been over 7 years since I delivered any real training. I wasn’t sure if I could still deliver training. I wondered if it would be like riding a bike, which comes back easily, or whether it would be more like my golf playing, which always get worse, and will be ridiculous now as it’s been years! I enjoyed tonight and the quick glance through the evaluations seem to indicate that Penny and myself delivered the session quite well. I like to think my return to training has been like riding a bike … a little wobble or two to start with before getting into peddling again.

Tonight was fun and the MSM course seems to be a really good engaging course to be part of … so if you are into mission and growing and leading a new church … then maybe you should download the course pdf flyer here and think about enrolling in the future. Now I’m part of MACE you can expect blatant and unashamed advertising!

Tonight I have remembered something more about my values and rediscovered something of  what I am gifted at doing, which has helped to reaffirm, after a tough couple of weeks, what I am called to do.

To the group tonight … thank you … you are pretty amazing to work with!

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