Learning to wait

I stumbled across Take Back the Poetry a little while ago, I think via Jonny’s Blog. Waiting is something I have done, and continue to do, a lot of. The practice of waiting, rather than jumping into action, has been something I have had to learn to be able to do. In a world, and essentially a church, that likes to see action, the practice of waiting is not always welcomed or understood. The value of waiting is not overtly recognised, or valued, but it is vital to growth and change that the church so desperately want or yearns after.

It is through waiting that we learn, it is through waiting that we give up our plans and hear God’s voice, it is through waiting that we can become who we are created to be.

I like this waiting prayer which could be used by many as we soon start our advent journeys:

may we learn to wait
and not run away
may we discover in the darkness
the uncontrollable truth at the heart of all things
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