creative … diverse .. privilege .. unrepeatable

The weekends are interesting in this new role, as I do not seem to be in one place for too long. That’s great for my ADHD/get bored easily outlook, but it’s not so good for my ‘needing time’ to build relationships with people.

The weekends are, however, great times to remind myself of the creativity and diversity of the church that I serve. Last night saw an amazing youth service in St Mark’s Church. I am privileged to have the role of working with Jess, the youth worker, and others in supporting the development of this service. After having not done youth work for such a long time, having that opportunity again is really like a massive breath of fresh air. The experience is reminding me how much I have missed working with young people over the last four years. Saying that, I would not with to do it full time anymore … but I enjoy this part of my ministry as it is.

In the morning I presided at both the 8am and 10am communion services at St. Mary Magdalene. This is a totally different setting to the youth service of the evening. far more traditional, far more recognisable and yet still such a privilege to be involved in. Serving people who are either seeking God (as one young family I spoke with clearly were) as well as those who are seeking to live out their discipleship in relevant ways is a real honour and privilege to be involved in.

Another great privilege I have is that the clerical, or dog, collar gets you places you might not normally be able to get, such as the hospital out of hours. I was able to visit a special friend and share some great experiences and stories. Special times don’t happen every day and so I love to treasure these moments.

The highlight of the weekend though was one of those father moments … being with my children at Muse on Friday night and watching the entire series of The Band of Brothers with Joe on Saturday … some things just cannot be repeated!

So … four those four words pretty much sum up the weekend …


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