I am enough!

Following from yesterdays vulnerability post I stumbled across this TED talk from Brene Brown. It’s around 20 minutes in length and an amazing thought provoking talk.

The basis of her talk is that connection is what life is all about. She says. ‘connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives’. That simple statement echoes, for us, the words of God in the Genesis creation account, ‘it is not good for human to be alone’. She goes on to say that we all suffer shame, a fear of disconnection. The only way to avoid this disconnection, says Brown, is to be vulnerable …. to allow ourselves to be fully seen.

But, and this is a massive but, she concludes that many feel unworthy, unvalued, unloved and so we numb our vulnerability, and that as we numb that we numb other senses.

That is not the whole talk … so go listen! (and that will explain the title of this post!)

2 thoughts on “I am enough!

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