23 years ago …

this was us!

How time races by!
It doesn’t feel like 23 years … well not for me anyway!
Last night we had the shocking realisation that we have been ‘together’ since we were 18 … nearly 30 years!
I’ve known Sarah for far more of my life than I haven’t known her
We look so young … and ‘yeah … I had hair!’

Not a lot to say really apart from ‘Thanks Sarah for being you’

2 thoughts on “23 years ago …

  1. Our family have delightful memories of your wedding – especially at the reception where my dearly beloved moved a tad too close to admire the wedding cake and alarmed either Ernie or Peter Cornelius when she stumbled even closer – she denied the champers had been to blame. It sure was a dear miss.

    What I have forgotten is where the marquee reception was held? Was it at Allington Castle, Leeds Castle or Cobtree Manor? Still remember the hat chucking – a first for me.

    Any way hearty congrats to you both

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