embrace imperfection

One of the things I have taken on or committed to do more in Lent is to receive a daily meditation thought from Richard Rohr. I loved his thinking in The Naked Now so Sister Diane, my spiritual director, suggested I might find the daily meditations ‘useful’.

Todays daily meditation, which I read to season my thoughts and outlook throughout the day, talks about perfection and imperfection. It reminds us that the western mind is obsessed with logic, fact and proof in its dualistic make-up; whereas the eastern mind is happier to sit with mystery and paradox.

In the west we think of perfection as the elimination of imperfection … whereas Rohr suggests today that perfection is, in fact, the ability to recognise, forgive and include imperfection. 

I’m going to carry that with me today – and I reckon that is an amazing image of how the church should, and could so easily be – a community that recognises, forgives and includes imperfection.

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