gathering talk

Yesterday afternoon, the gathering got togther to talk about the future.

I think it is far to say we have struggled to meet our own aspirations and vision over the last few months and so this was a good healthy ‘lets sit down and talk’ kind of meeting. I think we have talked and developed a way forward and i am pretty pleased and excited by this.

I am also pretty excited because we did not all agree on everything. Despite our disagreement it’s clear we can still journey together because this is not an ‘either/or’ situation but a ‘both/and’ as the strength of relationship we have with each other is much stronger than personal tastes or interests.

As we are developing community we realsied that we need to get togerher  lot more than we currently are. I think we have come up with some creative ways to enable us to do this … so we will see / wacth this space / all that kinds stuff!  But … for the moment, and looking ahead, things are looking pretty good and a lot more exciting than they did before we chatted!

If you are the praying kind, though, please pray for the gathering as we seek God’s will for the way forward …. thanks


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