19 is the number of days that I have now been on placement at St Stephens … time seems to be flying by.

Being on placement, preparing stuff for parish things and keeping on top of gathering stuff and relationships in Rochester is proving to be quite a challenge, but then … I guess that is why Mission Shaped Church talks of the need for both pioneer priests and parish priests working in a mixed economy. There are things I feel I wish to do gathering / pioneering wise which will have to wait until after Easter … and I trust God that the time will be right.

On reflection, I am enjoying the different experience of working from a parish. I am enjoying the opportunity of writing liturgy and planning services which is something I used to do a lot of but more recently have only been able to do for the gathering, and possibly for Taize services in the cathedral. I find being creative in this way is quite energising and planning with a group of people is always fun.

The last week has seen me in a few of those privileged positions again … supporting a family through a funeral service, visiting a family who wish to have their children baptised. A highlight of the week was listening to Bishop Stepehn Venner speak on ‘How does war (however just) enable or disable mission? Bishop Stephen spoke excellently and really challenged my thinking.

So the week was a pretty varied week … roll on the next one!

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