pub theo … what difference does faith make?

pub theology happened last night and we kicked off with something along the lines of:
‘Was Whitney Houston a bad Christian example and witness or was she a good example showing that Christians also struggle and do not lead perfect lives?’ 
We had a much longer discussion on and around this than I had expected.

Many took the view that it was far too easy ato judge and that many seemed to do that within the church. I think we agreed that we felt she was a good example as it showed how  faith is not a guarantee or a ‘cushion’ that protected people …. but rather that Christians, like everyone else, struggle with the crap of life …. sometimes that is life!

The conversation then exploded into what is a Christian …  and more particularly what different our Christian faith makes to our normal everyday life. I think there were varied answers to this …. for me personally it is about being good news for people and being involved in transforming communities and not about believing a set of practices or following a group of behaviours ….. discuss!

The next pub theo will be held on MOnday 26th March …. put the date in your diary.

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