day 4, 5 and 6; discovering more stories

There is not really a lot to report back or mull over over the last 3 days. I guess of them day 5, or Sunday was the busiest … but refreshingly less busy that a normal Sunday at the cathedral. Being in a parish setting where I am not rushing back to a service at 315pm meant there was time to talk to people and hear about their stories. (there could eb a bit of a theme developing here!)

On Sunday I led the 8am and 10.30 communion services. It’s interesting adapting to a different setting and method than I am used to at the cathedral …. and I guess I could reflect on being a little surprised how terms and practices that meant nothing to me at the time of my ordination (such as deacon) now mean something quite specific to me in a cathedral setting … but even that simple word, I have seen, can mean something very different in a parish setting.

Today I managed to get dates in the diary to become involved in what the church does in some of the elderly residential homes. I can’t say I am looking forward to this … but I am looking forward to seeing what this will be like and how people exercise ‘ministry’ in places that are different to those that I work in. So I guess I am looking forward to hearing and discovering more stories

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