Happy Birthday!

18 years ago today our lives changed forever.
Tom was born.

I don’t think we could ever imagine what an amazing 18 years that would be. Sure … there have been frustrations, arguments, exasperations … but the 18 years has been made mainly a great time of joy, laughter, fun, and immeasurable proud moments.

My son is 18 today … and I want to publicly shout from blog/social networking (which was not even around when Tom was born!) how amazingly proud we are of you. It’s been an amazing 18 years and I hope and pray that there are many more to come.

Tom – you surprise me every day with your creativity, passion for justice and desire to be a help to others … you have a cool grasp of Christianity and I pray you don’t lose that … but most of all …… you are just a great guy and I’m well proud to be your dad …. and your mum is well proud to eb your mum!

Happy Birthday … and have an amazing day!

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