a need to do something …

To be creative you actually have to do something. It involves putting your imagination to work to make something new, to come up with new solutions to problems, even to think of new problems or questions. You can think of creativity as applied imagination.
Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The last few months I have been struggling to think ‘what next’. There is a pressure (my current role as a curate will come to an end in September and I will need to leave the cathedral) and sometimes pressure to act can be stifling.

I guess I have been struggling because when the question ‘what next?’ has been asked I have not been sure how to answer. I’ve not been sure how to answer because I have not been sure what I want to do next. Or, as a ‘good’ Christian what I really mean there is  .. ‘what God wants me to do next.’ I do think, though, if you are trying to follow God that you sense that and my interests are given by God.

My problem of not knowing what to do formed a vicious circle of inactivity. I didn’t know what next, got frustrated when thinking what next, so stopped thinking what next, which meant I didn’t know what next. And round and round that went.

Until a couple of weeks ago.
I felt the need to ‘do something’. I felt challenged by a still small voice to simply write. To write my thoughts and see what came.
Pages came … and pages.
But amongst those pages ideas crystallised and started to take shape.
And then …
almost like an epiphany moment when mist cleared
my vision became clear.

It’s not that the vision was new or developed then in that flash of a moment. It was as if the ideas were always there, but I needed to do something myself to draw them out.

So … now, I have a vision. Soon I hope to be able to share it a bit more widely … watch this space I guess is the best I can  say …

But Robinsons quote, which I read today over at Lateral Action, struck a real chord with me experience over the last few months. We can think, we can dream, we can talk, we can think and ream some more … but at the end of the day we need to do something and it is in that ‘doing’ that we start the creative process.

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