1 in 4

I had my games maker interview yesterday as I have applied to volunteer as one of the 150 or so chaplains throughout the olympics and paralympics.

I was impressed by the organisation and timing of the event. It ran like clockwork, and people were going out of their way to be helpful. If this is an early indication of quality of organisation then people are not going to be disappointed. (well apart from those who are looking for things to complain about)

The interview was fairly thorough and I felt quite tired, as well as excited, after the end of the interview even though it was only around 30 minutes long. I found out just before the interview that around 75% of people applying to volunteer for the chaplain roles will not be offered positions. They have received far more applictions then they thought and I guess, on the above figures, they must have had around 600 people apply to volunteer to be chaplains across the games. I think that is pretty cool.

I’m quite excited about the possibility of volunteering for the Olympics So … a 1 in 4 chance is not that bad …. so here’s hoping. I could know as soon as the end of October.

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