pub theo

We saw the first Pub Theo of the new academic year last night. We had around 12/13 people and 4 of them had never been before. One of that 4 had seen the pub theo article in the local press so the paper article got us one new person.

The discussion last night was vibrant, fun, sometimes confusing, but this was all about good dialogue and discussion. People shared some fairly strong views, others challenged, disagreed or asked for clarification and on the whole this was a pretty good night.

The discussion started on the topic of 9/11 and I asked how this had impacted the people around the table as well as asking if faith helped or confused when faced with national tragedies like 9/11 or Utoya. This then branched off into theories about the afterlife to what heaven and earth could be. The discussion flowed well and people seemed to engage with the topics, each other and have a good time.

I’m always slightly saddened at the end of a pub theo session as it means it’s a whole month before we can do this again … not just for the dialogue, but just for the hanging out with some great people too.

Next one is on Monday October 31st from 7.00pm (we always meet up on the last Monday of the month) – maybe see you there!

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