the easter gathering

Easter has been an amazing time … busy and amazing.
I have been involved in masses of conversations centred around the meaning of things like Maundy Thursday foot-washing, resurrection – conversations that have been made up of lots of questions and interest.

A highlight of Easter for myself was the gathering on Easter morning. At 5am I left the house to set up bbq’s on the beach at Upnor. At about 530 other people from the gathering started to arrive and before long there were 18 of us gathered to watch the sun rise and remember the joy of the resurrection of Jesus.

As daylight was breaking we had a time of confession by throwing pebbles into the water, symbolising Christ taking our sins away for ever. After listening to the easter accounts Emily led us in a time of discussion as all were given different parts in the tory and argued over where the body had gone. Some were cast as thieves, some as disciples, others as Jewish leaders and others as Romans. This worked really well and there was something very powerful about being led in this why by one of our amazing young people.

Following this we ate fish freshly cooked on the bbq (John 21) and drank bucks fizz before moving into sharing eucharist together.

As this was happening alongside the calm and quietness of the shore the sun rose and bathed us in light as may be seen in the photos here. As this was happening someone shared what they were noticing:

‘as the sun rises we can see that it shines on some places while other places are still in darkness … but as time goes on the sun shines on everyone and all feel it’s warmth’.

I thought that was a great image to carry through Easter Day.

Thank you everyone that was there … all of us together made this a very special day.

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