something’s different!

We are in Holy Week and the setting of the cathedral has changed a little.
Neil has had a new altar made which looks stunning in its setting at the centre of the nave.
The chairs have been moved so that we all sit closer to each other and looking at each other – which is pretty major for the cathedral which is used to sitting in rows facing the front which has the choirs and altar separating the congregation and clergy.

I much prefer the st up we have for this week because I think it says a lot about how we as church try to be. Sitting very close and seeing each other can be awkward and strange. Smiles can develop as people look at each other unexpectedly. The sense of closeness and awkwardness says a lot to me about community and family as well as giving just a taste of the awkwardness and confusion that the disciples must have felt in these last few days before Christ was crucified.

If you don’t normally come to the cathedral why not drop in and see what you think …. if you want to experience worship in this setting you can see this weeks services here ….. we could always go for a drink after!

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