sea of sameness

I love the sea.
I grew up by the sea.
My parents might even say I grew up IN the sea.
My whole teenage life was contained within the sea: fishing, sailing, swimming, canoeing …
If I could choose any holiday destination it would always be by the sea.
When I am struggling I love to sit in front of the sea.
When I am chilling I just love looking at the sea.
The sea can be my greatest time-waster.

There is something about the vastness of the sea which holds my attention, which draws me and which ‘holds’ me.
There is something about the immenseness of the sea set against my fragility that is chilling. 

I have noticed that I am really drawn into the sea when I find her at her most beautiful.
I think the sea is most beautiful when she is calm and flat, particularly on a bright sunny day or at sunset.

I seem to find the sea at her most beautiful when she is at her least interesting,
flat … calm … boring …
everyday …
but vast, and captivating, and alluring, and inviting
and did I mention vast
and attention holding yet …
very samey!
No waves, no ripples even …. just a flat calm sea which looks the same for miles ahead.

In my Lent thinking this week I have been struck by how I am called to work in a sea of sameness –
the same people I talk to each day,
the same places I visit,
the same roads I walk,
the same seats I sit in
…. and yet ….
in this vast sea of sameness that is my life there is amazing beauty.
My sea of sameness is teeming in life with
beautiful incidents,
beautiful people,
beautiful happenings,
beautiful encounters.

In the sea of sameness there is an abundance of beauty to see.

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