which is closer to Christ?

One of the other things I have taken on in Lent is to replace some TV time with listening to podcasts. I have just started listening to Jurgen Moltmann podcasts over at Emergent Village. I’ve subscribed to them on iTunes which is by far the easiest way to listen to them.

The first two podcasts are pretty general interviews to give some background as to where he is coming from and how his theology has come together. In the the later podcasts he gets interviewed in a more focussed way about what he has written.

I have just finished the second interview which displays well Moltmann’s clear thinking but also a great sense of humour. When he is asked about his theology of scripture he answers by saying ‘church and theologians need to read forward and backward in scripture’. He goes on to say that he reads the bible with the ‘supposition of meeting the Divine in human words …. and where there is conflict (for an example here he uses Paul’s ‘there is no male, no female, no jew, no greek’ passage and places it alongside the same writers ‘women shall not speak in church’) he asks himself ‘which sentence is closer to Christ?’

By that I think he means which seems to fit better better with the ‘whole’ message of the the Bible – the message of love for all, acceptance and redemption.

It’s an interesting question that I have taken into my world today …. ‘which is closer to Christ?’

Good, and sometimes challenging, food for thought during Lent!

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