simply hanging out or prayer?

Normally on Mondays we have a staff meeting.
Yesterday was chapter which meets for the day once a month.

I’m not a member of chapter so on these Monday’s I have started to have a prayer morning. I have become conscious of the need to pray more in what I am doing – it’s quite strange how it seems since being ordained I have prayed less than when I worked with YFC … and that can’t be right, can it?!

Yesterday morning I prayed. There was silence, there was asking for guidance, there was praying for people from the gathering and the places I hang out.

I was hoping that God would give me some revelation.
I was hoping God may give me a picture, a verse, a vision … but
God was silent!
God said nothing!

I gave up a morning to pray …. and God was silent.

Silence …. but not nothing!
I came from the morning ‘refreshed’
ready to get on with things!

God was there, well God is always there … that’s obvious
But yesterday morning, in my simple action of slowing down to pray,
I became much more aware of God with me
God never said anything
But I felt I could hear God breathing
God listening
God waiting

Was I praying?
Or was I just hanging out with my creator?
Is there even a difference?

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