a life of passion?

The Secret in Their Eyes was a simply beautifully engaging movie, and is probably one of the best films I have seen in a while. The film has a strong plot and an ending (well one of the endings as there are a series of stories within this story) which does challenge you over what is justice all about. The ending I am referring to it quite grotesque in many ways … but I won’t spoil it for those of you that may want to try and watch it.

The film one the Oscar for the best foreign film. I particularly loved some of the filming … there are a great series of opening shots at a railway station that are very engaging which I adored  – much more in fact than the very special scene swooping into a football stadium and chasing a person through tunnels and terraces.

In particular I was truck by the running theme of passion. part way through the film one of the characters realises, when they are looking for the suspect, that people don’t lose their passions, and that there passions determine how they act. That simple line actually sets the tone, clues and behaviour for the rest of the film.

It has left me with so many thoughts on that passion stuff. In the gathering when we started to look at our rhythm of life we started by asking ourselves what we were passionate about. There was a resonance there for me. No matter what happens, our passions remain intact – and if that is so then passions are pretty influential in governing how we live our lives. If we have passion for justice, we will live in a way to support fairness; if we have a passion for money, we will live to increase our balance.

Passions determine how we live … I find that quite thought provoking.

Next weeks film at The Other Cinema is The Girl who Played with Fire – it’s probably going to be quite a popular one which means lots more people. Looking forward to it!

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