chaplain day

I spent a day with chaplains and those interested in chaplaincy at a training day put on by Kent Workplace Mission at Aylesford Priory.

As I think I have said before I am not a chaplain but I do carry out a chaplaincy type role in some of the places I hand out in. My role is different to that of a chaplain, however, in that as a pioneer I am also seeking out those people that are interested in developing their faith and creating a new way of being church.

Today was interesting and I learnt stuff by chatting with other people. I was encouraged and resonated a lot with what Elaine Hutchinson shared who has started a chaplaincy in Birmingham from scratch. It seems she has started a s a chaplain in Birmingham in a very similar way to how I have started as a pioneer in Rochester.

I also met a woman over lunch who is exploring Fresh Expressions with older people. I was excited by her story as she told of running holiday clubs in retirement homes, which sounded very similar to childrens holiday clubs such as Sarah is running at the moment. I loved the idea and could sense the joy of these people as stories were shared.

It was not a bad day and it has given me some stuff to think about.

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